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Backing tracks, soundscapes, film score, audio editing and mixing. We offer a small, professional and friendly one to one service where we will work closely with clients whatever their requirment to provide a high quality product.


A Creative Presence

Liquidmuse offer a genuinely low cost alternative to your musical requirements whilst retaining the attention to detail and quality of service you would expect from a high end production company.

We provide a variety of musical solutions from bespoke music production for film/game soundtrack through to creating backing tracks for artists or shows that require something with more flexibility and a unique sound which can be fully tailored to suit your needs and style. Or perhaps you simply want a full band remix? We can help bring your ideas to life.

First and foremost we are musicians with many years experience in the industry so our knowledge and passion run deep. We can provide full live guitar, bass and any vocals needed, and this is all augmented by a full suite of high end VST’s, including names like Spectrasonics, EastWest, Toontrack, Addictive Keys, Native Instruments and many, many more. This enables us to access extremely high quality samples for just about any instrument and sound out there. Our professional studio is equiped with many external effects as well as software, so we can capture some of the warmth that's often missing from software only mastering these days.

If you want to stand out rather than blend in, then please get in touch. You will be extremely surprised at our costs. At our core we are driven by real passion and a simple love for what we do, so cost and profit are truly not the driving forces.

We also offer Soundscape and meditative productions, a few of which can be heard in the tracks below. But we are flexible in the extreme. No matter what you musical requirement is, we want to offer you our wealth of experience gained over the years. So please speak to us.



Pictures speak for themselves


Want to learn more about Liquidmuse, their music and their services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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